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About us

What is the Student Government?

The Student Government is the largest representative body for all students of Rzeszow University of Technology, whose main task is to undertake a wide range of activities and initiatives related to student affairs and to provide ongoing help and assistance to ensure students’ wellbeing.


The Student Government has a set of responsibilities to be fulfilled by its members the most important of which is to represent all students both within the University (by fostering a stronger connection with University authorities) and externally. It also initiates and supports student scientific, cultural, educational and tourist activities. It organizes recurrent events, among others: Adapciak PRz (orientation programme to prepare students for university life), student initiation ceremonies, charitable initiatives for St. Nicholas Day, PRz Diamonds Gala as well as students yearly festival Rzeszowskie Juwenalia.


According to the Law on Higher Education, the Student Government is formed by all students of a given university. In order to make the voice of our community strong and audible and to have a say in how and what the university and its faculties focus on, we elect our representatives. Acting in official structures, they represent us and take care of our affairs.


The Student Government of Rzeszow University of Technology is the sole representation of all university students. Currently, by virtue of the Law on Higher Education, the number of student representatives accounts for 20% of the Senate, Faculty Councils and university committees.


The Executive Bodies:

·       Presidium

·       Parliament 

·       Faculty Student Governments


Student Government can be an adventure, a challenge, and a place where you can develop your passions, realize your ambitions, come up with clever ideas, and at the same time, gain experience that no class or internship can provide. It formally came into existence along with the transformation of the political system, when the Act on Higher Education entered into force in 1990.